Why Dental Bonding Is the Perfect Solution for Chipped Teeth?

Why Dental Bonding Is the Perfect Solution for Chipped Teeth?

June 1, 2023

Dental bonding is an excellent solution to repair minor dental flaws impacting your teeth. While your dental defects may not allow you to smile and show off your pearly whites, dental bonding can help restore the defects in a conservative treatment needing one visit to your dentist in East York, Toronto, ON to receive the painless therapy in about 30 to 60 minutes per tooth.

Your teeth may have flaws for various reasons. For example, you may have a severely discoloured tooth due to infections, or injuries or one shorter than the rest that needs repair to ensure a symmetrical smile. Simultaneously you may have a chipped tooth from dental trauma that impacts your smile’s overall appearance. Whatever the reasons for the dental defects, teeth bonding can help you hide them in a short appointment with the nearby dentist to restore their appearance and that of your smile.

Does A Chipped Tooth Need Fixing?

Chipped teeth, whether one or several, distract the appearance of your smile, making it essential to seek treatment as soon as possible. Even if the chipped tooth is painless with minor damage, you must seek treatment to prevent problems later. Chipped teeth are vulnerable to cracking, making them susceptible to infections and additional damage. Therefore if you don’t receive dental bonding treatment for the tooth, it can result in tooth loss eventually.

What Treatments Are Offered for A Chipped Tooth?

An easy and affordable treatment to fix your chipped tooth is dental bonding In East York, Toronto, ON. The dentist uses a tooth-coloured composite resin material similar to the one used in filling teeth to recreate the tooth’s missing portion carefully. After treating the damaged tooth, the dentist moulds and shapes the tooth before hardening the material with ultraviolet light and polishing it to ensure it matches your remaining teeth.

How Dental Bonding Works?

Dental bonding works to help cover various dental flaws with your teeth with the help of a tooth-coloured composite resin often used to fill decayed teeth from cavities. The treatment is conservative and does not require anesthesia unless you want to have replaced existing silver fillings in your teeth with an aesthetic alternative.

When getting your teeth bonded by the East York provider, you need to undergo an examination to determine whether your teeth are free from infections like tooth decay or gum disease. Besides, the above treatment requires no preparation and causes no discomfort when bonding your teeth. Although dental bonding is affordable, the treatment is not covered by dental insurers because it is considered a cosmetic procedure making it essential to prepare to bear the costs out of pocket.

When getting your teeth bonded, you merely have to endure sitting with your mouth open in the dentist’s chair while they work in your mouth. The dentist first applies an etching solution to your teeth, needing the bonding to rough its surface. The etching solution helps the composite resin bonding material adhere to your teeth. Approximately 15 seconds after applying the etching solution, the dentist paints the affected tooth with the composite resin material to mould and shape it to your natural teeth. The material is hardened with ultraviolet light after moulding and shaping. However, the dentist can further reshape the tooth after the hardening if required.

Benefits of Dental Bonding For Chipped Teeth

As mentioned earlier, chipped teeth become breeding grounds for bacteria to penetrate your tooth unless you receive treatment to close the chips or cracks. Bacteria penetrating your tooth indicates you become prone to severe infections inside the tooth that might need the fearsome root canal treatment and a dental crown to prevent extraction. However, dental bonding is a less frightening and comfortable technique for fixing tooth damage than a root canal that causes severe pain for several days and needs restoration by a dental crown for functionality. Therefore if you want to prevent the need for expensive treatments, you will find it beneficial to get the tooth bonded as soon as possible because it saves plenty of money and prevents downtime and pain.

Dental bonding does not just help with chipped teeth and is beneficial to cover many dental flaws that impact your smile and make you think you need veneers or crowns. Instead of investing in expensive cosmetic remedies to fix your chipped tooth, it helps if you seek dental bonding from the East York provider to benefit from a conservative treatment that helps restore your tooth for a decade or more with proper dental hygiene.

If you have dental defects like a chipped tooth impacting your smile, kindly visit Danforth Village Dental Care seeking a conservative remedy to repair the tooth with dental bonding in East York, Toronto, ON. The fixed tooth will appear like your natural teeth, function similarly with proper dental hygiene, and allow you to smile without adding pearly whites.

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