Oral Cancer Screening in East York, Toronto, ON

When looking for a dentist that can help you with oral cancer screenings, we encourage you to call our dental office. Danforth Village Dental Care can detect oral cancer to find cancer before it can spread.

Oral Cancer screenings happen at regular exams and check-ins but you can request an Oral cancer test appointment. We provide oral cancer screenings test near you in a safe and relaxing environment. At Danforth Village Dental Care we are committed to helping our patients find the treatment and procedures that work for them.

Oral cancer screenings in East York, and Toronto, ON are available through our team. We work with patients of all ages to detect potentially troublesome problems before they get worse and develop treatments. Contact us today to book an appointment for oral cancer screening.

What Is Oral Cancer Screenings?

Oral cancer screenings can and do happen at regular dental exams and cleanings. During these exams, we will check for any signs of cancer in your mouth. These signs include red or white patches or lumps. We will also likely check your neck and throat for lumps.

If you request an oral cancer screening, this may include further testing depending on what is happening. We may sign a special light or use a dye to find abnormal cells. Before an oral cancer screening, we will go over what you can expect.

We will also help you after the oral cancer screening to find the right treatment plan for your situation. Every potential diagnosis requires specialized treatment that will work for you. With help from Danforth Village Dental Care, your diagnosis doesn’t have to be the end.

Who Needs Oral Cancer Screenings?

While oral cancer screenings happen at every appointment, some people are at higher risk for oral cancer. These people include

  • Tobacco users
  • Heavy alcohol drinkers
  • History of oral cancer
  • Significant sun exposure

If you are looking for a dentist to conduct an oral cancer screening, our office can help. Danforth Village Dental Care screening and help you develop the next steps. Call us today to schedule a consultation with our dentists.

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